Grootvlei Sport Academy & Universal Travellers Rugby Tour – Ireland 2019

The Grootvlei Sport Academy Rugby tour to Ireland will take place from 19-28 September 2019. This tour promises to be an exceptional rugby experience where lifelong friendships will be made, not only with your teammates travelling with you but also with players from the Ireland.

South African passport holders do not require a visa to visit the Republic Ireland. Every player and coach on this tour require a valid passport so please make sure your passport is still valid by the time this tour take place. If you don’t have a passport you have to apply at your local Home Affairs office ASAP.  Please note that a passport must be valid for at least 6 months when you return to South Africa.



From 1 June 2015, the Department of Home Affairs in South Africa will require all passengers under 18 to travel with an Unabridged Birth Certificate. An Unabridged Birth Certificate is a birth certificate with both parents details on. It is different than a normal birth certificate.

Application process for Unabridged Birth Certificates:

  • Apply at your nearest Home Affairs office where your Biometric information will be verified.
  • Take your ID book along, as well as your child’s ID number.
  • All documents submitted must be originals or certified copies.
  • The Unabridged Birth Certificate costs +/- R80 (Price subject to change)

Please complete the below Registration Form. The arrangements can only continue once we have received the first deposit payment and this Registration Form for every player.

Registration Form

    Who is completing this form

    Details of Player

    Name and Surname of player as per Passport or ID

    Player Date of Birth

    Player ID Number

    Player E-mail Address

    Player School of Attendance

    Player Cell Phone Number

    Player Home Address

    Player Postal Address

    Player Tracksuit Size

    Player Rugby shorts Size

    Player T-Shirt Size

    Special Dietary Requirements or Allergies

    If yes please provide details

    Medical Conditions And Prescription Medicine

    If you have a medical condition or use prescription medication please provide details

    Details of Parents / Legal Guardians

    Parent or Legal Guardian Status

    Details of
    Father / Male Guardian:

    Details of
    Mother / Female Guardian:

    Father / Guardian Name & Surname

    Father / Guardian Cell Phone Number

    Father / Guardian E-mail Address

    Father / Guardian ID Number

    Mother / Guardian Name & Surname

    Mother / Guardian Cell Phone Number

    Mother / Guardian E-mail Address

    Mother / Guardian ID Number

    Unabridged Birth Certificate

    YES we have an unabridged birth certificate for our sonNO we do not have an unabridged birth certificate for our sonWe have applied but are still waiting for the document

    What Passport Does The Player Have

    SA PassportOther Nationality PassportDual Nationality PassportDoes NOT Have A Passport

    Copy of Player ID

    Copy of Player Passport

    Copy of Player Unabridged Birth Certificate

    Friends or Family to Travel with

    FatherMotherOther Family Members / FriendsI'm Travelling Alone With My Teammates

    Contract Agreement - Terms & Conditions

    Acceptance of Terms and Conditions