School Science Tours

Science 10

From space flight simulation at the Euro Space Center to biology in action in Iceland, bring theory to life on a science school tour.

Tailored to your curriculum, a school science trip will immerse your students in a new and dynamic environment where research, theories and experiments will unfold before them. They’ll be able to understand how science is used in the real world and see where a qualification can take them, all the while building on their existing knowledge.

Explore the history of science, its achievements and future developments, all in exciting new realms. From the natural wonders of Iceland and the rest of the Scandinavian Islands to the cutting-edge technology of Europe and the USA, you’ll experience the explosive world of science in a whole new way.

Examples of School Science Tours:

Schools Science Tour to Iceland

Schools Science Tour Switzerland, Italy and France

Science Tour to the USA

STEM Tour to USA (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)

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