School Tour Packages (Sport & Educational)


From our experience learners and educators alike have a great time on our school group tours. Not only is it a fun and a hugely memorable time, there are constant opportunities for learners to expand their own individual tacit knowledge crucial to higher level learning and problem solving skills. Competitive matches on the sport field and the social interaction during post-match hospitality provide valuable experiences. Learners take what they’ve learnt back into everyday life and this impacts them for months and years to come!

The top 9 Educational benefits of embarking on a school tour:

  1. Improve critical thinking skills
  2. Experiential learning take place
  3. Learners worldview is expanded
  4. Reinforces classroom material
  5. Greater bond between learners and educators
  6. Learning local culture
  7. Learners are encourage to learn
  8. Help those learners who learn by doing
  9. Lifelong memories are made

Explore the different school tours on offer: