World Schools Sport

The World Schools Sports Challenge (WSSC) is made up of international Rugby, cricket and Hockey tournaments, with the aim of providing opportunities for high school athletes of all abilities to test their skills and develop their game against other high school athletes from around the world.

It is well known that young elite and low marker athletes are well catered for with international school tournaments, but there are currently limited opportunities where teams and players of all levels are able to participate and grow their game.

This is where the World Schools Sports Challenge comes in. Seeing a gap in the market, the WSSC was created to enable high-school athletes of all skill levels and experience the chance to travel with like-minded individuals, play and develop in their chosen sport, experience a new culture and get to know other schools and teams from around the world.

Universal Travellers has been appointed by the Organisers of World School Sports as their preferred agent in South Africa for the following events:

World Schools Cricket Challenge 2019 – 8-14 December, Melbourne, Australia

World Schools Rugby Challenge 2020 – 26 September – 3 October, Buenos Aires, Argentina