World Schools Cricket Challenge 2021


The 7th World Schools Cricket Challenge (WSCC) will again be held in Melbourne from 6-11 December 2021 (tbc). The high quality cricket facilities at our host, Haileybury School, making this a memorable experience for students and staff/coaches.


The World Schools Cricket Challenge (WSCC) was designed to provide an opportunity for all high school cricket players to compete at an international tournament. Open to all schools, the WSCC combines sport, culture and education for students from all around the world, with just as much of a focus on social interaction as cricket! The tournament is open to 1st teams as well as Junior teams (16 years of age and younger).

Universal Travellers has been appointed by the Organisers of WSCC 2020 as the preferred Travel Agent in South Africa. We look forward to give you step by step guidance in the planning process so that your team can be part of what is sure to be a spectacular event and a fantastic opportunity for your players to interact with foreign teams on an international stage.

Objectives of the challenge:

  • To encourage participation and development of cricket within high schools and the educational system.
  • To assist promising high school cricketers to continue to develop their skills on pitches and fields in friendly competition with players from throughout the cricketing world.
  • To provide a solid base for young cricketers to plan their cricketing future.
  • To provide educational opportunities and experiences for students with an interest in cricket.
  • To promote the enjoyment and qualities of cricket as a recreational alternative for students regardless of their cricketing abilities.
  • To promote the traditional values of cricket through international competition in attractive cricketing and educational destinations.

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Open to any school cricket team around the world.

Two Grades – 1st XI and Development Grade (13 to 16 years)

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